Night Nursery

Bay Tree House night nursery is registered by Ofsted for the overnight care of 25 children aged from 3 months.

Our Night Nursery aim is to provide a warm, happy environment where children feel safe and secure.

Age appropriate activities are available to the children where they can play and learn as well as comfortable, cushioned areas where they can relax and unwind watching TV/DVD’s prior to bedtime.

A light snack and warm drinks are served to the children before they are bathed and put in their sleepwear. After storytime the children are put to bed in small, comfortable divan beds/cots with night lights left on, creating a cosy sleep environment for our children. Our mature staff team constantly monitor the children throughout the night ensuring that they receive the very best care possible.

On waking, the children are washed, dressed and given a cereal breakfast before being collected.The night nursery understands that parents are the first and most enduring carers for their children. We also recognise that when babies and children remain in our care overnight, their needs will differ from those throughout the day, so by working in partnership with parents we can ensure their needs are met through continuous and consistent care.

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How we work

You do not need to be registered with us to use our evening and overnight care and no deposit is required. We work on an ad hoc basis and payment is taken on booking.

Appropriate security systems are in place in order to protect the premises from unauthorised entry. No one over the age of 16 who has not been police checked stays on the premises overnight and the staff/child ratios for the daycare registration are maintained overnight.