We believe that what our parents think is just as important so here are a few of their thoughts…

“I was amazed, after being in Blue room for just a week she was saying from 1-10 in Spanish”.
Geddes, mum to Skylah aged 3 years
“The support from the staff is outstanding and my son has really grown whilst attending . Its great to see him develop with the help of your nursery and we nailed potty training together”.
Natasha, mum to Max aged 2 years.
“My daughter is always happy when she arrives at nursery and staff members welcome my daughter with genuine happiness:.
Davinder, mum to Maya aged 17 months
“Overall we are very happy with the quality of care provided by Bay Tree House. Maria does an excellent job and has created a warm, caring environment for all the children. The nursery caters for a very diverse group of children but all children are cared for and welcomed equally. I particularly like the fact that all the staff seem to know my daughter. I feel that Bay Tree has a very caring and nurturing environment”.
Barbara, mum to Edie aged 3 years
“The nursery are very welcoming, my daughter is very happy there and it’s a great peace of mind for us parents to know she has been looked after well. The variety of food is excellent as are the activities. Although we haven’t used the night nursery, its very well organised and if we need to have our daughter looked after one night, we will sure use the facility”.
Baljit, mum to Jazmin aged 2 years